İlqar Məmmədovun bloqu (ilgarmammadov) wrote,
İlqar Məmmədovun bloqu

The EP gave up. We shall not.

The EP gave up. We shall not.

In contrast to several previous resolutions of the European Parliament adopted since 2013, the latest resolution, of 4 July 2018, finally allows the Aliyev regime to remain unpunished even if it keeps me behind bars till the end of my seven years term in February 2020.

The earlier resolutions had called on the European Comission to consider sanctions if my freedom was not “immediate and unconditional”. The new resolution only threatens with non-ratification of the comprehensive partnership agreement between Brussels and Baku - in case if political prisoners are not released.

The most optimistic EU representatives expect the signing of the agreement to happen in autumn 2019, that is the ratification of it will go well into 2020.

My expectations from the European Parliament were not high anyway because we are not part of the European Union and our democtratic agenda can not compete in that assembly with the capitalist interests of big foreign entity in oil and gas as well as with socialist trade union’s drive for exporting various goods to our petro-state.

The European Parliament had tried and gave up. But we shall not. Signalling the limits of in international solidarity this moment is yet another defining one for our sense of ownership of the destiny of democracy and human rights in our country.

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