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Tərəqqipərvər. İlqar Məmmədovun bloqu, Est. 2006
Adam kimi inqilab, insan simalı dövlət.
Not a fair bargain for the EPP 
12-05-2017 12:31
Azerbaijan’s nominally ruling party (YAP) has been trying for a long time to join the European People’s Party (EPP). If it gets the accession, our dynastic absolutism will be able to benefit even to a greater scale from the country’s undeserved membership in the Council of Europe. I have just learned from some thoughtful EPP people that the YAP may be accepted on the condition of my release in line with the 10 quarterly decision of the CoE Committee of Ministers, which the authorities have ignored so far. I recommend the EPP to keep its own name clean. The bargain is not fair. The government must simply fulfill its membership obligations. It should not seek benefits in exchange for releasing an illegally jailed presidential candidate or any other political prisoners.
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